Deep clean your kitchen

Getting your property ready after a tenant moves out can be a real chore, especially cleaning the kitchen can be a nightmare. Here are a few guidelines to clean the kitchen from top to bottom.

How to Determine the Rental value of a Property

Setting the right rent to your investment property is not only making profits but also maintaining it. Every tenant has different requirements and choices, so it’s important to make your stand out. Setting up the right rental value makes you get more enquiries and also attracts high quality tenants. A little research, math and current market situations knowledge can help you determine the rental price for your investment property.

How to maintain your rental property

Maintaining your property and keeping and free from any damages will increase your profit and allow you to hold on to good tenants. Unforeseen costs like repairs and replacements are inevitable when managing a rental property and you should attend to them immediately. Below is a short list of things to keep an eye out for when inspecting your rental property.

Tips to find a perfect tenant

In the process of searching for a new tenant, it’s always hard to find the type of tenant you have in mind.Although It’s not so easy to identify a tenants behavior after entering into ;your property, there are certain precautions you can take care of to evaluate tenants before renting your property.